Wales Achilles heal v NZ – lineouts

Wales’ two tests have been strange affairs. They have competed well for 60 minutes of both games but the final scorelines have suggested they suffered fairly heavy defeats.

You can’t fault Wales’ commitment to the second test in Wellington but one area which provided a headache for them throughout the game was the lineout. This has been a perennial problem for Wales and one that doesn’t seem to ever seem to be resolved.

It is a crucial aspect of the game as it not only provides the base for attacking play but through the setting up of driving mauls it can be used to slow the game down, which is crucial against New Zealand.

In the second test Wales had a total of 17 lineout throws. We have gone though each of them in turn to analyse the outcomes but in general there are several themes:

  • Wales struggle to win clean lineout ball
  • They have a low success rate at back of the line ball (the best for attacking from)
  • The NZ line often competed for the ball (Read in particular) and this disrupted the Welsh ball
  • Both Owens and Baldwin missed their jumpers on a number of occasions
  • Wales do not have a strong attacking driving maul


Here is each lineout analysed alongside the time:

Lineout 1: 8:10    6 man lineout. Charteris with the clean take. Wales set up drive but don’t move anywhere.

Lineout 2: 14:19  7 man line. Alun-Wyn Jones slaps the ball back and Webb has to retreat to pick it up. Poor ball to attack off.

Lineout 3:  23:14     5 man line.   Chaerteris takes at front but Read competes and the penalty is given to Wales

Lineout 4: 24:12   7 man, but this time the ball is thrown in just as the Welsh players arrive to provide some variation to the game. Read again competes with Charteris at front for ball and Rob Evans has to tidy up – Wales going backwards. See clip below.


Lineout 5:  25:05 7 man line. Warburton was the target but the ball is overthrown at the back meaning Falateu has to clean up.

Lineout 6: 33:24 7 man. Front ball again, and Read competes this time against Alun-Wyn Jones. Very slow ball and nothing to attack off.

Lineout 7: 34:40  NZ kick long and Biggar takes a quick lineout to Patchell and they run the ball back.

Lineout 8: 35:58  This was an important lineout, 5m from NZ line with 5 minutes on the clock before half time. Wales called a 6 man line. Front ball again won by Charteris. NZ drive maul in to touch and move dies. See clip below.


Lineout 9: 38:30  On NZ 22m line 90 seconds before half time which provides a good attacking opportunity. 7 man line called and Alun-Wyn Jones takes at front under pressure from New Zealand. Jones wins the line but the ball is thrown back and bounces before Webb has claimed it.  See clip below.


Lineout 10: 43:53  A 6 man lineout, 25m out from NZ line. Falateu peels around back of lineout for ball over top but Owens over throws again and the ball misses Falateu and they lose the ball in midfeild for NZ to attack. Wales end up losing 50m because of lost lineout ball.

Lineout 11: 44:55  7 man. Unconventional option as the ball is given to Webb at the very front of line to run down 5m channel. Slow ball resulted.

Lineout 12: 47:52 5 man. Another conventional option as Jones takes the ball at the very front of the line under pressure from his opposite number. The pass out of the tackle back to Owens was forward.See clip below.


Lineout 13: 50:45    5 man again near the half way line. Bal is aimed at Jones but NZ compete and steal the ball.

Lineout 14: 56:40   6 man with Charteris at the front. Wales win clean ball but the resulting maul doesn’t move forward.

Lineout 15:  63:38  Baldwin now on at hooker. 6 man line just inside NZ 22. Warburton takes the clean ball at front. Maul sets up and makes some ground. Interetsing to note that Wales bulkiest player, Bradley Davies, is protecting the catcher and not driving? See clip below.


Lineout 16:  5m from NZ line. 6 man lineout. Aimed at Brad Davies at front but overthrown and ends up being taken by NZ at back of line. Pressure released and NZ can attack.  Se clip below.


Lineout 17:  Wales 10m line and a 7 man lineout. Jones wins the ball at the front and cleanly passes it to Webb.


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