Bumper Christmas rugby gift catalogue!

theblitzdefence has pulled together all the gifts a rugby fan could possibly want for Christmas this year and put them all in this bumper catalogue!


The Rob Andrew Frying Pan

Problems with things sticking to you? Buy the NEW Rob Andrew frying pan! Completely non-stick!

rob andrew christmas adv



Warren Gatland and Robert Howley book of Creative Rugby

An ideal gift for all budding rugby players and coaches. Chapters not included in this volume are “how to score a try against 13 Australians”.

Gatland howley creativity.jpg



Craig Joubert and Sam Burgess Emergency Evacuation Package

theblitzdefence has teamed up with the world’s premier security and medical evacuation specialist to offer this one time only package. This has been put together by taking industry leading advice from those who have been on the front line ….and survived to tell the tale.

If you know someone who needs to get out of a difficult situation in as speedy and covert manner as possible this is a Christmas gift for them.

Chapters 1 – 10 cover how to travel to the airport and get on the first plane out of there.




Peter O’Mahony Endorsed Elbow Pads

Do you find your day job requires you to rest on your elbows for hours on end? Need a more comfortable way to flop off your feet on to your hands? If so this is the present for you.

The pads are made of the finest Irish leather and have been tested through several Heineken Cup and 6 Nations tournaments.


omahoney xmas.jpg



Rhys Patchell Guide to M4 Service Stations between Cardiff and Llanelli

There is nothing worse than being unable to find a private spot along the M4 to have a private discussion about the weather, food or even a transfer to a rival team.

In this handy pocket-sized guide Rhys Patchell uses his knowledge and experience to give us his view of the pros and cons of the M4’s leading service stations.

Patchell christmas.jpg



*Best Seller* Richie McCaw Cloak of Invisibility

We have sold over 150 of these products and they have been very well received by our customers. The cloak provides some excellent features but the key unique selling point is it allows you to appear in places you shouldn’t be and not be seen!

Very useful for any budding criminals or any family member who has designs on nefarious activities.

mccaw cloak.jpg


*Buying suggestion*

This product is often bought together with the Generous Refereeing Interpretations whistle for the ideal winning gift.



Dylan Hartley Guide to Golf Courses of Northamptonshire

Do you find you have lots of time free on weekends on nothing to do? If so this is the ideal Christmas stocking filler for you!

Dylan Hartley has used his free Saturdays wisely over the last 6 years to put together a handy guide to the premier golf courses of this famous county.

*This updated volume also has chapters from Courtney Lawes and Calum Clark

Hartley xmas.jpg



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